How to make a thousand pounds in two months

Here is the challenge – to make a thousand pounds by 28 December 2014.

Why? Because I’ve started a doctorate in business admin – fees £1,000 a month. I am still working full time, and was planning on covering the payments by extending my flexiloan to cover October’s instalment (done), scraping together enough for November’s (in hand), using xmas bonus to cover December & January, & perhaps even some of February, then hoping to have paid off enough of the flexiloan to cover the rest of Feb & March.

But now I’ve found out that xmas bonus isn’t paid til January, so I’m £1,000 short. My employer isn’t keen on sponsoring me, despite the doctorate being relevant to my job. So I need to create some money.

I’ve already had to sell most of my things (piano, drums, horse box etc) to pay for urgent structural work on the house. Now I’m having another sweep through my things to see if I can sell anything I couldn’t previously bear to part with.

First up is books. All those websites encouraging you to sell your books for cash. So I’ve signed up for three. And it’s not as easy as it sounds! I’ve tried webuybooks, zapper and momoz, scanning in bar codes using my phone. I’ve deleted the webuybooks app as there is no way to delete books from the basket, & I entered and it lost my personal details three times.

The biggest problem? None of them are interested in even recent fiction! Book after book after book is rejected as none of them will buy any more copies. The ones that sold are an odd mix – Rogets Profanisaurus, a bodybuilding textbook, penguin translations of Latin books (my first degree was in Latin) a rottweiler training book, vegetarian cookery books, a weighty tome on research, the little book of bo**ocks and hydroponics basics. The only fiction accepted from hundreds of books are Stephen King’s Firestarter (all other Stephen Kinngs rejected) Katie Fford’s Yesterday’s Sun & Clive Cussler’s Mediterranean Caper. ALL others rejected – hardback, paperback, even very recent, & all autobiographies. 24 items sold for a grand total of £11.12. So only £988.88 to go…

And I’m going to put some stuff on Preloved, making a note every day of what has sold & my totals.


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